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Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D includes new modes to improve portable gameplay


Posted by: Mike Splechta

It's no secret that Donkey Kong Country Returns was designed for the console player in mind. DKCR was also pretty hard. Nintendo recognized that players who will be picking up the 3DS version might find the challenge a little too overbearing. Not to mention, portable players tend to play a little at a time, instead of hours sitting in front of a screen.

The new 3DS specific mode will make the game a little easier by giving players more health, and the ability to be saved once per level with a green balloon, from falling into holes.

That's not to say the entire game is being made easy. Players who have played and enjoyed DKCR on the Wii and are excited to play in on the go can still play through the original Wii mode, retaining the challenge.

Fans of the original or those looking to take the plunge into this amazing platformers can look forward to playing it on May 24th.

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