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PSA: Pandora's Tower will likely be available at the end of the week


Posted by: David Sanchez

This morning I went to my local GameStop to pick up my copies of Injustice: Gods Among Us and Pandora's Tower. The dude kindly handed me my copy of the DC Comics fighter and then said, "Pandora's Tower should be in tomorrow."

I almost expected this to happen as I've had similar experiences with other Wii games — particularly, Kirby's Return to Dream Land and The Last Story. As a matter of fact, I remember waiting for the latter not one day, not two days, but four whole days after the scheduled launch date.

Anyway, if you pre-ordered a copy of Pandora's Tower, I'd suggest you call in at your local games retailer just to double-check if it's actually in stock. If anything, the game should be out by Friday, which I'm totally cool with because there's something really fun about getting a new game on a Friday and just spending the whole weekend playing it.

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