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Tales of Xillia collector's edition costs $100

Namco Bandai has narrowed down a summer release of Tales of Xillia to a firm date. The next entry in the Tales role-playing game series is scheduled to arrive on August 6.

The PlayStation 3 title will be available in two forms: the standard edition for $59.99 and the collector's edition for $99.99. The latter includes a limited-release Milla Maxwell figure, an art book, and a special music CD.

Milla is the first playable female protagonist in the series.

Producer/director Hideo Baba recently revealed that the Tales games will remain on current-generation systems for now so that the developers are able to "provide the next titles on a console that a lot of our fans already have."

Namco Tales Studio is shying away from PlayStation Vita releases in the West because the handheld is "doing relatively poorly in North America," said Baba.

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