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Neverwinter enters open beta April 30th for the fans


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

So far in the world of Neverwinter, the beta weekends have only been available to founders and those fortunate to get allowed into the beta. You can throw all that to the road now baby. Come April 30th, everyone (and their moms) will be able to partake in the Neverwinter beta. This open beta will allow literally millions to participate unrestricted to the MMORPG. Also, once this open beta starts there will no longer be character wipes or restricted play.

"The direct response and support from the  Neverwinter community during our Closed Beta Weekends have pushed us to make  Neverwinter the best free-to-play MMORPG anyone has yet seen," said Cryptic Studios Executive Producer and COO, Craig Zinkievich. "On April 30, we go into Open Beta. That's when the world we've labored for years to build comes to life - that's when every gamer can login and play what we've worked so hard to create. We could not be more excited."

"We've never been in a better place launching a game," said Jack Emmert, CEO, Cryptic Studios. "While the entire team is focused on launching Neverwinter's Open Beta on April 30, we still wanted to thank those committed Founders who stuck with us. Since the beginning of Neverwinter’s Beta Weekends, our Founders have shown us that Neverwinter offers engaging game mechanics, unique features and a gameplay experience that is parallel to subscription or paid games. They have become our biggest supporters and we wanted to give them Beta Weekend 4 as a token of our appreciation."

So in a nut shell, this beta coming out is for the fans for being pretty groovy folk. Cryptic Studios appears to be appreciative of all the founders and all the beta feedback. In addation to all this awesomeness, founders will be able to test out the new four professions: Leadership, Mailsmithing, Platesmithing and Leatherworking come April 12th.

I like what you’re doing Neverwinter, keep it up!

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