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PS4 release date flub teaches the importance of grammar


Posted by: Matt Liebl

The PlayStation 4 is not releasing in October 2013. Well, if it is, Sony President Andrew House hasn't confirmed it -- which some sites are currently reporting he has. Today's PS4 launch date rumor stems from an article in the Sun newspaper (article now available online), in which the author writes:

Brit Mr House says the games console, due out in October, will feature a raft of new features to broaden its appeal beyond young male gamers.

Let me take the time now to teach you and CramGaming, the source of the initial rumor, a basic lesson in comma usage. The commas separating the phrase "due out in October" means the author is injecting his own personal belief -- not Andrew House saying this.

Rather, House is saying that the PS4 will (according to the site) feature a "raft of new features to broaden its appeal beyond young male gamers."  This makes a little more sense given that the original Sun article is focused more on Sony trying to appeal to female developers and gamers. “I think the key is to have people -- and increasingly women -- with different sensibilities creating different games. It is not all about shoot ’em up games.” Andrew House was quoted.

Follow @Matt_GZ on Twitter for more lessons on proper comma usage and grammar tips. For the record, the only launch window we have for the PS4 is "Holiday 2013."



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