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Frodo Baggins represents the Shire in Guardians of Middle-earth


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

When Guardians of Middle-earth first announced their lineup, I remember saying WHERE IS FRODO? Not because I particularly love Frodo, but because he’s just so, so, canon? He’s a pretty key figure to the whole Fellowship and ring business. How can one so small possibly have the courage to defeat Sauron. Does one truly just walk into Mordor?

In GOME, Frodo is a striker. He uses his health draining stealth to damage, stun, and slow his foes.  His famed Mithril Mail also grants him a resistance shield from those who would try to strike him down or take the ring. Frodo’s abilities are as follows:

  • Heavy Burden: Gains stealth at the cost of his health
  • Light of Earendil: Blinds and stuns nearby enemies
  • Mithril Mail: Frodo briefly shields himself and gains resistances
  • Sting’s Bite: Damages and slows an enemy

Are you not entertained? Frodo can be bought for $2 or 160 Microsoft Points; he is also part of the Season Pass. Check his trailer above and stick it to Sauron; that guy has really been making a mess of things.

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