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League of Legends isn’t trolling about a Trundle remake


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

First off, I have to agree with League of Legends developer Riot Games when they say “we always felt he was disconnected from the rest of the world” when referring to Trundle. The character just stands out as being completely unique in both a good and bad way. While his kit is particularly interesting, you don’t see him played all that often – even though he's a pretty decent counter to the “huge health” meta.  Regardless if you’re an old Trundle fan or not, a remake is happening.

The troll’s kit, look, and lore are all getting an update. In the words of Morello, Riot’s lead character designer:

While old Trundle certainly had a unique narrative and visual design, we always felt he was disconnected from the rest of the world. This inhibited the number of stories we could tell with Trundle and, well, we want to tell stories about him. Trundle’s upcoming changes include a gameplay update (more of a quality improvement than a rework – similar in scope to our Taric changes in 3.03), a new ice-themed aesthetic (if you couldn’t guess), and a new story that ties Trundle to the brewing conflict in the Freljord.


It appears like Riot is giving Trundle an ice theme. Very similar to the recent Karma changes, his old skin will be given to summoners for free if they already own him. Watch for updates on Trundle in the following weeks and get a trollin.  


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