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La-Mulana departs for adventure on Steam in April


Posted by: David Sanchez

Indie hit La-Mulana will soon be available on Steam. The Nigoro-developed 2D action-adventure title will land on the popular digital download platform on April 15.

If you've been waiting for La-Mulana to come to Steam, then your patience certainly wasn't for naught. Now you'll just have to wait a little under a month to play the game, but you can do that, right? I mean, you've gotten this far.

La-Mulana will be priced at $14.99, though you can get it for $13.49 during launch week. You can also pre-purchase it now if all you want to worry about at launch is actually playing the game.

Welcome to Steam, La-Mulana! Now, where's that NES version?


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