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WayForward teases Mighty Switch Force 2


Posted by: David Sanchez

Developer WayForward has released a couple of teaser images for what appears to be Mighty Switch Force 2. One's a promotional image with a a silhouette of a character that looks a lot like Officer Patricia Wagon from the first Mighty Switch Force. The second image features a crying baby ... surrounded by fire. Noooo!

It would appear that fire may just be the recurring theme in Mighty Switch Force 2. I mean, WayForward even tweeted, "Sure is toasty." Will we be seeing some cool elemental gameplay based around using water to put out fires and solve puzzles?

The original Mighty Switch Force was a delight to play on the 3DS and later on the Wii U. WayForward has managed to consistently deliver enjoyable 2D action games, so if you're a fan of the studio's previous work, you have every reason to get excited at the prospect of Mighty Switch Force 2.


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