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Legend of Grimrock gets fan-made Master Quest


Posted by: David Sanchez

If you've been looking for a reason to jump back into Legend of Grimrock, you'll be interested to know that a fan has released a tougher version of the game. Dubbed Legend of Grimrock - Master Quest, this user-created expansion takes the original game and reworks the dungeons with new layouts, puzzles, and features.

The unofficial Master Quest scales dungeon difficulty and rewards. You earn ranks based on the treasure you acquire, and every item has a loot value. Two new bosses are also included in this version of the game, and there's a longer ending. Rounding out the Master Quest experience are a bunch of new dungeons and puzzles.

You can check out this iteration of Legend of Grimrock on Steam Workshop. It should be enough to help you hone your skills while you wait for the recently announced Legend of Grimrock 2.

[Grimrock Forums]

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