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Spin the Bottle brings the party to Wii U in May


Posted by: David Sanchez

Back in November, indie developer KnapNok Games announced that it was developing Spin the Bottle for the Wii U. The studio has confirmed that the game will launch sometime in May, and it will be playable at GDC.

Spin the Bottle is a collection of mini-game-esque activities for up to eight players. The game won't actually be played on the TV, though. Instead, players must spin a bottle that appears on the Wii U GamePad's touchscreen and engage in different activities with whoever the bottle points to. It definitely seems like a fun take on the classic party game's premise, and it's a neat idea that utilizes a video game console in pleasantly unorthodox ways.

KnapNok released a new trailer for Spin the Bottle. Since the game revolves around individuals playing together, this video is more of a look at the game's art style, which is absolutely terrific. The music is catchy, too, and fits in quite nicely with this title's quirky themes.


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