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The Debut Bundle has Cognition, McDroid, Master of Alchemy, more


Posted by: David Sanchez

The Debut Bundle is the latest deal from Indie Royale, and it features a collection of six titles worth over $15. For the next three days, you can pay what you want for these indie games starting at under $5. Included in The Debut Bundle are the following titles:

  • Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller Episode 1 - The Hangman
  • McDroid
  • Master of Alchemy - Rise of the Mechanologists
  • CloudPhobia
  • Wimp: Who Stole My Pants?
  • 6180 the Moon

Extras include a Cognition comic book, tracks from McDroid and Wimp, and the 6180 the Moon official soundtrack. Additionally, paying $8 will unlock the Motorway album by chiptune artist Fearofdark. Check out the trailer for The Debut Bundle and get a listen of the music and a look at the games.

[Indie Royale]

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Tags: Cognition, McDroid, Master of Alchemy, CloudPhobia, Wimp, 6180 the Moon

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