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Injustice: Gods Among Us gains Red Son skins for Soviet dominance


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Those who follow the Superman scene have most likely heard of Red Son. This is a Mark Millar created alternate universe where Superman’s spaceship lands in the Ukraine instead of Kansas. This path leads him to becoming a champion of the Soviets instead of the Americas. There is nothing quite like seeing Superman have the hammer and sickle on his chest instead of that giant pretentious “S.”

As a preorder bonus for ordering Injustice: Gods Among Us from GameStop, you’ll receive three Red Son-themed skins for some of your characters: Superman, Wonder Woman, and Solomon Grundy. I have to admit, these skins looks pretty damn awesome. The Wonder Woman one blows my mind. In addition to these skins, you’ll also receive 20 exclusive missions based on the Red Son storyline.

Super Commy

So in a nut shell, if you don't know where you were going to order Injustice: Gods Among Us through – GameStop is a definite option. Watch the video below and just look at those beauties in action.


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