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League of Legends recap: Mac client, smart pings, and robots! Oh my!


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Lots went down in the League of Legends world last week. Aside from Quinn and Valor’s inevitable release, Riot’s game received an equal Mac client, brand new smart pings, and a new Blitzcrank skin.

As if there wasn’t enough of the world playing LoL, the game now offers the same client integrated for Mac users. After being requested for years, the Mac fans have finally received what they’ve been asking forever for. Smart pings is something I never knew I really wanted. By simply dragging the mouse pointer in different directions, you can signal four different messages through your pings now; this message will appear on your screen so it’s easier to see the warning instead of it just appearing on the mini map. Lastly, everyone favorite steam golem received the new iBlitzcrank skin to celebrate Mac joining LoL.

Check out the video above if you missed these features from last week or just want to see them in action! Enjoy. 

Tags: League of Legends, Riot

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