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Quinn and Valor receive their League of Legends champion spotlight


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

I got to give it to Riot on this one, Quinn and Valor are an interesting concept. While characters like Nid and Elise have two interchangeable forms, never in League of Legends has there been two characters in one. I get that you play as Quinn like 97% of the time, but you still do become Valor when you ult. This makes her more like Shyvana than, say, Jayce or the other hybrids.

This allows for some unique gameplay features. Although you play as Quinn most the time, the two characters have constant synergy with one another. They truly act as a duo. On top of that, it’s pretty damn easy to last hit. I’ve only played them on the test sever, but I can’t wait to see what ADC players do with her live.

While she isn’t currently in the game, I can assume it will only be soon. Eaaaaaaaaaaagle! "Tag team, back again."


Tags: League of Legends, Riot

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