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Explore The Cave anew on the Mac App Store

Double Fine Productions and Sega's platform-adventure The Cave has arrived on the Mac App Store after a series of delays.

Creator Ron Gilbert tweeted the news today. The game costs $14.99 for Mac computers.

This is just one platform for The Cave, which came to PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, Wii U, and Steam (for PC, Mac, and Linux). It's the product of a developer who made point-and-click adventures like The Secret of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion.

We praised the game, encountering relatively few glitches. Some weren't so lucky, though, and ran into a host of technical problems.

Particularly, we liked the humor and forward-thinking approach to the genre. Others found the backtracking tedious or criticized that the odd number of playable characters — seven, with three to a team — made for an excessive number of playthroughs when trying for full completion.

The Wii U version also received criticism for the lack of offscreen play.

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