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Gaijin Games reveals Runner 2 technical differences across all platforms


Posted by: David Sanchez

Bit.Trip Presents ... Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien is set to launch next week, and developer Gaijin Games has released some info on each of the different versions. The studio covered the technical differences of the game on the PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U, and it definitely seems like these differences set the games apart qualitatively.

First off, the PC version will allow you to update the game regularly if Gaijin releases any fixes. That said, depending on how awesome your hardware is, you'll either reap the benefits of a good gaming rig or suffer from a drop in technical quality. Also, the game's on sale the first week on Steam, which is certainly nice.

As far as consoles go, the Xbox 360  iteration of Runner 2 seems to be the weakest of the bunch, mostly because it suffers from the slowest load times. The PlayStation 3 version will not have strong depth of field or shadow filtering, but the game's colors will pop more and the quality as a whole will be sharper. Runner 2 on the Wii U is probably the most interesting of the four. First off, you can play the game entirely on the GamePad, which is convenient. Additionally, the console's larger memory allows for faster load times.

So, which version of Runner 2 will you be downloading?

[Runner 2 Dev Blog]

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