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BioShock Infinite Season Pass unlocks 3 add-ons plus extras

Irrational Games is already working on downloadable content for the upcoming BioShock Infinite, and the newly announced Season Pass will get you access to all of it.

The Season Pass unlocks all three planned add-ons and will be available on March 26, the day of launch, for $19.99 or 1,600 Microsoft Points — 30 percent off the $30 total value, according to publisher 2K Games and developer Irrational in a press release.

Purchase it, and the Early Bird Special Pack is also yours at no extra cost. It contains four exclusive pieces of gear, a damage upgrade for the machine gun and pistol, a gold skin for both weapons, and five Infusion bottles. You can use those to increase health, shield durability, or your ability to use Vigors.

Preorder the game, and you'll receive the Industrial Revolution pack for free. This addition contains three exclusive combat-gear items, a $500 bonus of in-game currency, and the Industrial Revolution puzzle game, which reveals stories of the sky-city Columbia and enables players to pledge allegiance to either the Vox Populi or Founders faction on Facebook.

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