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Snaga, the ravenous, joins the ranks of Guardians of Middle-earth


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Most individual goblins in the Lord of the Rings universe are small players and are nothing to take a second look at. Then there is Snaga. This ever hungry and blood thirsty goblin is a ruthless opportunist. His evil ways have gained him the rank of lieutenant through cruel leadership and through backstabbing those who don’t follow him.

In Guardians of Middle-earth, Snaga has joined the ranks as a striker. His abilities focus on feasting and weakening his opponents. His abilities are as follows:

  • A Mouthful: Deals damage and gains health
  • Ravenous: Stuns a marked target 
  • Famished: Extra damage and resistances; weakness against marked enemy Guardian
  • Salivate: Marks enemy Guardian and gains movement and attack speed  

He’s available today for individual purchase or as part of the season pass. He can be bought for $2 or 160 Microsoft Points.

I thought Snaga was an orc...

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