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Debonair Jayce will steal your League of Legends' heart


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

From Jayce’s very announcement to modern times, I have always said he has the most chiseled chin I have ever seen. I also call him the 'Sky Captain of Yesteryear' – but that’s a story for a different day. This range/melee hybrid is both extremely unique in gameplay and also League of Legends’ 100th character. He's also one of the first characters that was released with just one alternate skin (this was was part of the initiative to make better skins instead of abundant skins).

Just like Vayne’s Valentine’s Day skin of last year, Jayce is getting suited up this year – poor Mundo. In a sharp white tux, Debonair Jayce comes ‘dressed to the T’ in a Tony Stark millionaire playboy sort of way. I dig it, I completely back this. He’s available for 975 RP and in the game RIGHT now.

Jayce Comic

I mean, just look at how dapper he is on the cover if Inventor’s Monthly (IM). 

Jayve IM


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