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Daylight is a new psychological horror 'best played alone in the dark'


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Independent game developer Zombie Studios today officially announced Daylight, a PC-based psychological horror game built using Unreal Engine 4. As such, it could provide gamers a first look at next-gen quality when it releases in spring 2013.

Today's announcement briefly spoke about the concept of the game which sees you waking up in an abandoned hospital with only your cell phone for illumination. In an attempt to escape, you'll explore the institution's "dark criminal past." Each playthrough is said to last only 25-30 minutes, but the catch is that no two playthroughs will be the same. 

“I want to keep the player unsettled” said Jared Gerritzen, Studio Creative Head of Zombie Studios. “One thing I’ve learned from working on horror games in the past is that once you've played them you are never scared by them again. With Daylight we have built a system that will maintain the atmosphere of suspense no matter how many times you play it.” 

Daylight features a "procedurally generated world", which is just a fancy way of saying it will create a different environment for each new game. Each playthrough will be a new world filled with different content and encounters. Harnessing the power of Unreal Engine 4, Daylight will have real time dynamic global illumination, subsurface scattering, dynamically lit particles, and eye adaption.

Speaking of the technology behind Daylight he said, “Being able to create a world that changes each time you play it is a huge step for games and is truly next generation.”

Daylight will be available for digital download in spring 2013.

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