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Dead Space 3: Carver’s backstory detailed in a new Christopher Shy graphic novel


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Christopher Shy, the same science fiction and fantasy artist  who brought us the graphic novel Dead Space: Salvage, is back for round two. His newest work being Dead Space: Liberation, written by Ian Edginton. If you’re a Dead Space junky and enjoy the gritty, dark art of graphic novels this is an absolute no brainer. First, go out and find a copy of Dead Space: Salvage and then follow through with some Dead Space: Liberation action.

The newest graphic novel takes place after the events on the Sprawl in Dead Space 2 and serves as a prequel to the newest installment, Dead Space 3. In Liberation you’ll follow EarthGov Sergeant John Carver where his wife is attacked by fanatics trying to liberate the Marker site where she works. Meeting up with Elli Langford from Dead Space 2 and EarthGov Captain Robert Norton, the three race to finish solving the clues Carver’s wife left behind.

What secrets is the Marker hiding? Can the three save the day or will the slowly fall into dementia like Isaac? You’ll have to read to find out. Dead Space: Liberation is selling for $20 but you can get it on Amazon right now for $12.39 - no excuses.

Dead Space Liberation


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