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Isaac’s story leading up to Dead Space 3


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

After we get to the third part in a trilogy, it’s fairly safe to assume you haven’t remembered every important moment leading up the start of the newest game. Recognizing this issue, EA has decided to help fans catch up a wee bit. As part of a four part series, the first video features Isaac Clarke’s story all the way up to Dead Space 3. In the Dead Space: A Journey Through Terror Part 1 we recount the experiences of our favorite engineer protagonist and his tortured existence.  

From nobody engineer to dementia riddled Necromorph slayer, Isaac survives hell over and over again in his quest to destroy the markers. It all started when he went for a routine repair job on the USG Ishimura – the first planet cracking ship. He discovered the evil, the marker, and sent it back to where is came from. Awakening three years later in a strait jacket on Titan during yet another Necromorph outbreak, poor Isaac cannot catch a break. On top of it all, EarthGov took the blueprints from his brain and recreated more markers. WHY YOU DO SUCH THINGS!?     

After destroying the marker on Titan, out heroic engineer flees with Ellie to start a new adventure over where Dead Space 3 begins. No rest for the wicked, I suppose. The release date in the video is European, for North American Dead Space 3 came out today, February 5, 2013.

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