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DC Universe Online’s Home Turf DLC allows headquarters and side kicks


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Sonly Online Entertainment will soon be releasing their 6th DLC pack for DC Universe Online. Home Turf will be going live next Tuesday, January 29th. SOE gets that your super hero or villain has reached a pretty powerful state thus far, but is there ever enough power? What happens when you just need that extra boost?  Your foes will never stop in their mission to end you, why should you?

In Home Turf you’ll gain Backups/Henchmen and Sidekicks/Accomplices. Sidekicks are allies that are powerful. Think of them as the Boy Wonder to your Batman, a powerful solo fighter. Backups, meanwhile, are more of a small gang that help you combat.

This new DLC also allows you to have an HQ or lair. You pick the motif of the layout to fit your character. Your backup will share this same motif. In your HQ you’ll have a Mainframe that allows you to unlock powerful upgradable devices and research mods.  During combat, you can also use your Mainframe to call down a mighty orbital strike upon your foes.

Check out the trailer above and just wait four more days!  

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