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Max Payne 3’s Deathmatch Made in Heaven comes out tomorrow with four new modes


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Have you been waiting in patience for the newest Max Payne 3 DLC to come out? Is the anticipation eating you alive? If so, your patience is about to be rewarded. As of tomorrow, you can download the Deathmatch Made in Heaven DLC for either 800 Microsoft Points or $10 on PS3 / PC. Yay for more MP3 multiplayer!

In Dead Man Walking mode, two players have at it cooperatively. You two will be pitted against an endless onslaught of foes in what I assume is like a horde mode. Run & Stun revisits Captain Baseball but more specifically his bat boy – Saci. You’ll run around wearing a ridiculous costume and attempt to stun all the foes you come across. Marked Man is deathmatch with vendetta multipliers. Lastly is Time Attack which is a free for all with kill streak multipliers.

As they say, tomorrow is only a day away. Read more on these modes HERE.

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