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New extended Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII trailer


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

In all honesty, I’ve been a bit disconnected with the Final Fantasy franchise for some time now. I grew up on the original, FFIV, FFVI, Tactics, and FFVII. I really liked how FFIX went back closer to the roots but every other game since then has gone in a strange direction in my opinion. With Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII we’re seeing the franchise take off into an even newer direction beyond what FFXIII was. I would like to see the series head backwards instead of continuing to push the envelope. If it’s a sales issue I get it, if it’s not… I just don’t know.

My opinion aside, things are looking fairly different in this game than in FFXIII. There seems to be a free running sort of mode and an adventure aspect. The combat looks similar to Lightning’s other titles. You’ll see the similar character you’ve come to know and love though. If you’re a fan the more recent Final Fantasy titles then this looks right up your alley. I’m curious to see what Square Enix has up their sleeves this time. After all, I’d love to have my mind changed.I can’t argue how pretty the trailer looks though.

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