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Nintendo makes a GamePad Accessory Set to protect your Wii U


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

When it comes to technology, we humans have a horribly tendency to accidently break the things we love. It’s hard to think of someone who’s never cracked a screen, broke a phone, or even dropped something in water. We are a technologically savvy society, but often at times can fumble our equipment and ruin a few hundred dollar toy real fast.

The Wii U is fancy and needs Nintendo’s protection. For this reason, the Wii U GamePad Accessory Set will soon be available. This tech protector will go on sale on February 4th for the price of $12.99. It’s packed with a protector that goes over the Wii U GamePad, a large stylus for touch game play, and a cleaning cloth – to you know, clean it with.

The overall sense I’m getting from this accessory set is that Nintendo wants you to protect and clean your Wii U GamePad screen.  For the low price of $13, it’s really not that bad. Protect your s#$% before it gets worse!  Well that, and don’t drop your tech.  

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