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Square Enix teases reveal for Final Fantasy: All the Bravest

Square Enix is all for a good countdown, and now it's promoting a new site that promises yet another reveal on Thursday, January 17.

The latest seems to hint at a retro rerelease of Final Fantasy 5 or 6, based on the sprites, according to Siliconera. The publisher has already teased Final Fantasy 5 "and more," and given its recent history on mobile platforms, another iOS release would make sense.

However, fans have spotted “ff_atb" in the url, which stands for Final Fantasy: All the Bravest. Square Enix registered a trademark for the mystery title back in December. Some previously suspected that the trademark could refer to a Western version of the much-desired Bravely Default: Flying Fairy role-playing game, but the sprites in this teaser suggest otherwise.

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