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NRA, video game creators, and top US officials called to be apart of a 'special task force'


Posted by: Tate Steinlage

If you remember December 21, just a few short weeks after the devastatingly haunting elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, then you clearly remember the National Rifle Association (NRA) calling out video games (once again), and the very media who reports on them. Well, in an interesting turn of events, it looks like the NRA will be working with video game creators and President Obama/Vice President Biden as apart of a special “task force” built to discuss violence, both physically and in the media.

Media website Reuters reported the story today, stating, “Biden's task force is examining legislation that would ban assault rifles, but is also looking at the role of violent movies and videogames in mass shootings and whether there is adequate access to mental health services."

No word has been said as to whom will be representing the video game industry in these meetings, and we may very well not find out, as public outcry against both the NRA and gaming industry tends to get vicious quite quickly. If you missed the December 21 press conference, you can read GameZone’s response, as gamers, to the press release.

Source: [Reuters]

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