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Primal Fears released today for Steam on sale


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

It just may be time for you and three of your buddies to get together for some classic top town shooting action. Primal Fears came out today and needs you to take it by storm. This survival-horror, twin stick shooter-esque, four player cooperative crawl is currently on sale for its debut to the world. In Primal Fears a chemical known as “pharGONe” has turned a chunk of the world’s populace into raging mutants.  The ultimate goal here is to reveal the truth and stop as many mutants as you can in the process… well that and survive of course.   

Key features:

  • - Co-op game play with you and your friends up to four players.
  • - A plethora of weapons including primary, secondary and other items of use like RC-cars, turrets, drones...
  • - Buy and upgrade over 15 weapons to make each play through of a level unique.
  • - Play the story missions or arenas that are both re-playable to challenge your skill.
  • - A variety of enemy types, ranging from small to hulking.
  • - Steam leaderboards, achievements, and cloud saving enabled.

So there you have it.  Right now the game is having a sale so what better time than the present?  One copy is being sold for $8.99 and the 4-pack is being sold for $22.49 while on sale.

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