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Peter Hollens is one man but thirteen dwarves in his rendition of The Hobbit’s Misty Mountains


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

This is not the first time Peter Hollens has made an appearance on GameZone. He and Lindsey Stirling did that amazing covers of the Skyrim theme and the Game of Thrones theme with one voice and one violin. He’s back in yet another fantasy-esque style of song, only this time he’s alone -- well, through multiple tracks he’s at least thirteen dwarves from The Hobbit.

The song Peter sings is the Misty Mountain poem from the recent Hobbit film. The song was great in the film, but Peter does a preeeetty damn good job with this, making it worthy to any fan of the series. Everything about it gives me goose bumps. 

Check out the video below and be sad we need to wait a year for the next film. Hey, least we know they’re coming. Enjoy Peter Hollens mad talent.

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