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Roccat’s Ryos brings gaming keyboards to the next level


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

If you’re into gaming keyboards, Roccat’s Ryos may just be the future. First of all, it's mechanical. Second of all, the keys light up. Thirdly, the keys and lights are programmable. Yes, I said the lights.  I’ve been rocking illuminated keys in my past few keyboards, but never have I seen them be able to do the things the Ryos can.  At the CES in Las Vegas on January 8–11, 2013 Roccat will be showcasing many new products.

The Ryos is the first ever gaming keyboard ever to feature pre-key lighting and up to two 32-bit ARM cortex processors. Through the lights on the keyboard you can manage cooldowns, health, and mana bars for several games. The flash memory makes this keyboard incredibly responsive. On top of that, there are four different colored Cherry Mix key switches – black, brown, red, and blue. While there isn’t a release date for bad boy, it is said to be released in Q1 during 2013. 

Not convinced, check out the video below.  I promise there will be a little wub-wub.    

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