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Explore and trade across the stars in Flatspace, now $1 on IndieGameStand


Posted by: David Sanchez

Feel like doing some good ol' space exploration? Perhaps you'd like to conduct a bit of trading in the terrifyingly wondrous abyss that's always so littered with stars. If that's the case, you can do so for $1 on IndieGameStand.

Paying this awesomely low price will get you both Flatspace and Flatspace 2: The Rise of the Scarrid. Paying over the average will also get you seven exclusive in-game music tracks. Last, paying $10 will get you the Flatspace bundle, Hacker Evolution Duality, and whatever game lands on IndieGameStand in the next few days.

As is always the case, 10 percent of all proceeds are donated to a charitty of the developer's choosing. This time around, Cornutopia has decided on MacMillan Cancer Support.


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