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Weekly wrap-up: Goodbye 2012 edition

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Nitpick: Atypical thanks

No nitpicking this time. Let’s just take a look at some great games.

We’re not psychopaths: speaking gamer lingo in public

So what if people talk about video games in public places? That’s normal! Stop staring at us that way!

Interview: Piecing together the art and story of Assassin’s Creed 3

We get an inside look at the art design and narrative themes of Ubisoft’s incredible action-adventure game.

Excellent games that don't exist: WAR

We discuss more great game ideas in games that don’t actually exist ... yet.

Top 10 indie games the PS Vita needs

It would be pretty awesome if these indie titles eventually landed on the Vita. Lord knows that system needs some games.

Top 10 HD re-releases to make your Dreamcast obsolete

If these Dreamcast titles ever get the HD treatment, you can officially retire Sega’s little gaming box.

The 2012 Video Game Awards close the gaming year remarkably with one fantastic celebration

We feel dirty for enjoying the VGAs, but hey, it was a solid award show.

The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses was a nostalgic, magical experience

The Legend of Zelda + Orchestra = Holy crap that’s awesome!

Interview: Cognition's Jane Jensen solves the puzzle of adventure games

GameZone chats it up with the mind behind the impressive Cognition.

Top 10 Moral Choices in Games - Life, Death, Love, and Betrayal

What video game decisions are some of the most moving, important, and affecting in recent memory?

Dark Souls 2: How to make it perfect

The upcoming Dark Souls 2 has the potential to be a true masterpiece, and there are definitely a few steps the developers can take to ensure that happens.

Why Dark Souls 2 shouldn't lose the challenging gameplay to be more accessible

It’s terrifying that there are talks of making Dark Souls 2 more accessible. Absolutely terrifying.

Top 10 badass females in the Resident Evil franchise

Who are the most memorable female characters in Capcom’s Resident Evil series?

Resident Evil: a recap of a decade’s worth of films

We take a look back at the Resident Evil series of movies.

10 games to play before tomorrow's Armageddon

The world didn’t end, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check these games out anyway.

A breakdown of the first 5 minutes of BioShock Infinite

We dissect the BioShock Infinite trailer.

How much do you plan to spend on games in 2013?

So yeah, them games expenses are gonna be pretty high next year.

A gamer's response to today's National Rifle Association press release

GameZone’s Tate Steinlage addresses the ridiculous accusations against gaming at the hands of the NRA.

Interview: Talking Journey's majestic music with Grammy nominated Austin Wintory

We talk to the brilliant mind behind the music of the breathtaking Journey.

Five things the industry can take away from THQ's financial fubar

Publishers, developers, take some notes. Seriously.

Five things in gaming that sounded cool but ended up sucking

Good ideas can sometimes turn out to be stupid, stupid things. Stupid.

GameZone’s 2012 Game of the Year Awards

We look back at 2012 and deliver the top games of the year.

Game of the Year Awards: Design Awards

Game of the Year Awards: Technical Awards

Game of the Year Awards: Genre Awards

Game of the Year Awards: Exclusive Awards

Game of the Year Award: The Walking Dead

Also, this:

Top five strangest video game news stories of 2012

2012's most surprising games

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