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Tomb Raider multiplayer confirmed


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

After the rumors circulating about the new Tomb Raider having multiplayer for a week or so, Official Xbox Magazine has confirmed that there will be in fact multiplayer.  The magazine will consist of an article on the topic which will be available for subscribers tomorrow December 29th, 2012.  This issue of OXM will hit the newsstands for everyone else January 8th, 2013.

The very cover of this OXM issues (featured below) has Lara on it with big font text saying “Tomb Raider multiplayer revealed.”  All the information that is released is that the publication will describe the multiple modes in Tomb Raider; while that’s not a whole lot right now, if gives us a bit the heads up that it won’t be just one thing. 

The cat will be out of the bag tomorrow, until then we can only speculate. 

Lara Cover


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