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The reversible cover art for BioShock Infinite has been revealed


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Irrational Games gave the vote to their fans to choose the reversal cover art for BioShock Infinite after the outrage about the original cover art.  The short version of the story is that fans didn’t like the generic ‘dude with gun’ art and wanted something the screamed BioShock more.  Irrational listened to their fans and allowed them to vote on six different options and the people have spoken.

I remember by the time I voted the red Songbird image had a sufficient lead so it’s no surprise to me that it won.  Sure it wasn’t the one I voted for put I still really dig it.  Will I be reversing the cover?  You better believe it.  The shelf cover with Booker is a marketing tool to reach those who don’t know the BioShock series so by giving the fans of the series to option to swap it out truly means Irrational is listening to their fan base. 

So good on them.  I still can’t wait for this game.     

Cover Art   


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