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Dead Space 3 trailer recaps the story thus far


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

So you got this engineer named Isaac, he goes to do a routine fix on the largest planet cracking ship, there is this marker, some Necromorphs, and everything goes to hell – possibly literally.  We all know that part of the story, but what about the more in-depth stuffs?  What about the guy who did all the research on the first found marker on Earth?  Unitology?  Why on Earth (or off of Earth even) did people make more of those damned things!?

The answers to these questions can be found in this trailer.  I found it to be quite informative.  I’m excited for Dead Space 3 personally, this trailer got me back in the mood after all the holiday cheer.  It’s time we all catch up on our lore a bit.  February 5th can’t come soon enough.  The demo is coming January 22nd.

Also, Necromorphs.    

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