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RaiderZ is celebrating the Holidays with in-game events


Posted by: Mike Splechta

The world of RaiderZ, Rendel, isn't exactly a welcoming place. Sure it's gorgeous, but it has some terrifying beasts that all want to eat you for dinner, or squash you like a bug. But the Holidays bring out the best in everyone!

The Holiday event started yesterday, December 12th, and will feature a new event as well a new in-game items to celebrate the occasion. There is also a new Ice World instance where you can take part in protecting Ingen from the evil Ice Queen. Ingen will also play host to other fun activities such as battling giant Snowmen with snowballs. Festive!

Don't hesitate to jump in because RaiderZ is currently in Open Beta and absolutely free-to-play! Just remember the one rule RaiderZ abides by: Hunt together, or die alone!

Tags: RaiderZ, Christmas, Holiday, MMORPG, Free-to-play

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