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Devil May Cry confirmed for PC release on Jan. 25


Posted by: David Sanchez

In addition to being available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the upcoming Devil May Cry will also appear on PC shortly after the console versions. Capcom has announced that the game will be available on the platform on January 25, 2013.

Player's looking forward to the new rendition of Devil May Cry will be able to download the game via Steam. It's great to see publishers releasing PC games so shortly after their console counterparts. In this case, PC fans will only have a 10-day wait. Not bad.

Capcom shared some input compatibility deets regarding the PC version of Devil May Cry. The game will support mouse and keyboard, Xbox 360 controllers, and third-party pads. Additionally, it'll run in 60 fps, which is always nice.

System requirements were also shared, and Capcom indiciated that the game will use DirectX 9.0. Players rigs will require at least 2GB of RAM, AMD Athlon H2 2.0 GHz, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz, and ATI Radeon HD 3850 or NVIDIA GeForce 8800GTS.

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