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This Green Ranger shirt just begs to be bought


Posted by: Mike Splechta

Power Rangers are making a comeback. Sure, the new series is still going strong, but I'm talking about the classic Power Rangers. You know, Jason, Kimberly, TOMMY! From amazing complete box sets to full seasons available on Netflix, it's not hard for Ranger fans to get their fix.

We're also huge fans of Shirtpunch. My wallet can attest to that. Each day we get a new, awesome design for just a mere $10. Mark your calendars Ranger fans, cause we were able to peek into the future and find out tomorrow's amazing design. This Green Ranger and Dragon Zord shirt by InkOne will be on sale for 24 hours.

Now you can enjoy watching all the seasons of the original Power Rangers in style. Just remember to save that lunch money today.

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