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Capcom adding new DLC modes to Resident Evil 6

Capcom is offering three new modes for Resident Evil 6 on Tuesday, December 18.

The downloadable content is coming to Xbox 360 first. Predator, Survivors, and Onslaught (replacing Siege mode) will cost 320 Microsoft Points ($4) each or 720 MP ($9) as a bundle. Capcom has not mentioned release information for PlayStation 3 or PC.

Predator mode (two to six players) is an elimination round where one player acts as the Ustanak, the B.O.W. that stalks Jake Muller. The human players must either kill the monster or survive until the session's end.

Survivors — which supports the same number of players as Predator mode — allows players to die and respawn as enemies. They can them track and kill a human player to resurrect. The last man or team standing wins the match.

Onslaught pits two players separately against oncoming waves of enemies. Chaining combos sends foes over to your opponent's screen, hastening victory.

These three additions join the existing Mercenaries and Agent Hunt modes.

Capcom is also releasing a free update on December 17 that allows players to adjust the camera, unlocks Ada Wong's campaign from the beginning, introduces the challenging No Hope difficulty setting, and adds the option to combine English language audio with foreign subtitles.

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