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This Brazilian ghost in the elevator prank is genius


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Brazil’s variety show Programa Silvio Santos really outdid their self this time.  This prank is literally one of the funniest I’ve ever seen in all my life.  People would unknowing enter a fake elevator.  After a fee seconds the lights would flicker and then go out.  While confused and already a little frightened, a ghostly little girl with a doll would enter silently from a panel and just stand in the elevator.  When the lights came on people freaked their s#$% at the sight of this girl.  A few moments later she would scream at them and the lights would go out again.  The girl would once again disappear.

My poor description aside, you NEED to watch this viral video if you haven’t yet.  As someone who doesn’t believe in ghosts in the slightest, I think this would get a rise out of me it happened.  Good thing it’s happening to other people, that makes it funny.



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