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Nuketown 2025 'reinstated' for Black Ops 2 multiplayer


Posted by: Tate Steinlage

Earlier today we reported on a heated topic relating to Treyarch and Activision’s latest hit, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, in which the developer pulled the beloved, revamped multiplayer map “Nuketown 2025” from multiplayer. Up until today, Nuketown 2025 had featured its own “mosh pit” playlist that included a variety of multiplayer modes (i.e. Hardpoint, Kill Confirmed).

After much scrutiny, though, Treyarch has confirmed that they’ve re-added the map in multiplayer. Instead of having its own playlist, though, Nuketown 2025 is included with a number of other smaller maps in a “Chaos MoshPit” playlist, which includes a number of Black Ops 2 game modes.

Though the Twitter trend had already began, and Treyarch knew they were in some hot water, David Vonderhaar tweeted, “You killed the messenger, but I still fight for the users. RT to ‪#bringbackNuketown2025 and we will add to a small maps moshpit.” Three hours later news had broken on the Chaos MoshPit addition, and Vonderhaar added the following:

The Chaos Moshpit playlist has Carrier, Cargo, Express, Hijacked, Slums, Standoff, and Nuketown 2025 in the rotation.

As we stated, Treyarch knew they had dropped the ball on this one. Nuketown 2025 was a pre-order incentive – a successful one at that – so removing it completely from multiplayer was like telling the fans that their pre-orders were useless. Still, not having a Nuketown 2025 24/7 playlist will still enrage some fans, and we can only foresee it coming in just a short while. 

Source: [Joystiq

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