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Turtle Beach provides plenty of tech gifts for the hardcore gamer


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Looking for a gift to get someone who enjoys playing video games? The unfortunate thing about the holiday season is that it arrives after the release of many blockbuster titles, which means someone who enjoys video games probably already has the hottest games. So what do you get this said gamer?

Turtle Beach has quite the extensive lineup of gaming headsets for those looking to immerse themselves in these great games. The Turtle Beach catalog, which boasts dozens of different types of headsets, offers something for everyone.

The Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Limited Edition Headset Collection, which we touched on last week, provides a great example of the type of products Turtle Beach offers: variety and quality with headsets. For that particular line, Turtle Beach has the Ear Force Tango and Ear Force Sierra products — both offering fully programmable audio presets and Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

As I mentioned, the catalog expands way beyond the Black Ops 2 line. Depending on the type of sound you are looking for, you may want to browse Turtle Beach's extensive catalog to find what best suits you.

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