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Bird found with camera of mysterious fishing excursion


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

It all started with a Saskatchewan woman finding a cormorant bird with a burden wrapped around its neck.  The woman, Karen Gwillim, found this bird while driving through the village of Craven.  This burden ended up being a camera entangled around the bird’s neck.  When she removed it, the bird didn’t fight her at all and actually seemed relieved that the object was removed.

Once Karen got home and checked the memory card of the camera, she found lots and lots of fishing pictures; just lots of dudes fishing.  The photos were taken in October of 2011.  I doubt the bird had this camera for over a year, but it couldn’t have been a good experience for it.  Karen made a Facebook back with the pictures on it in a distant hope someone would recognize someone in the photos.  Weeks passed with no success.

It wasn’t until Karen was interviewed on CBC Afternoon Edition with host Craig Lederhouse on Tuesday, that a Saskatoon man saw himself in some of the photos.  He came forward and said that the camera was dropped when helping a friend haul in a fish near Craven. 

This story – dafuq.  Preeeeetty awesome though.


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