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343 Industries explains why Halo 4 multiplayer has a daily XP cap


Posted by: Matt Liebl

With Halo 4 releasing this week, I'm sure many of you have been spending countless hours in the game's addicting Infinity multiplayer mode. I've spent numerous hours leveling up, unlocking new weapons and armor.

However, some of you — probably those who haven't been able to put the game down since launch — may have noticed that after playing for a while during a single day, you no longer gain experience. That's because Halo 4 has a daily XP cap that's "intended to preserve the integrity of the progression system."

343 Industries explained that it's "in place to provide an early gate from players running amok in their progression. When we launched, we had a bug where double XP tokens were being consumed even when you went over the cap. That has since been fixed.

While I'm sure those of you who are used to grinding through games to reach max level early are probably pretty upset by this, might I suggest checking out some of Halo 4's other great modes? Remember, there's still the emotionally charged campaign as well as the free Spartan Ops mode. In the meantime, 343 Industries will continue to monitor how many players are hitting the cap so they can "respond accordingly."

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