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The PlayStation Vita is like a woman with four breasts


Posted by: Matt Liebl

You thought three breasts were awesome in Total Recall? What about four breasts?! 

"Touch both sides. Twice the sensations."

Those are Sony's words, not mine. That's the ad campaign Sony decided to run for the PlayStation Vita in a French magazine. The ad is designed to highlight the touch-sensitive areas on the Vita's front and rear sides, but it just comes off as creepy. Who approves this stuff?

I know the Vita, which launched earlier this year, is struggling to move units, but I'm thinking this may not be the best way to go about promoting your handheld system. It's not just here in America that the Vita is struggling, but Japan as well. For the period between October 8 and October 14, the Vita managed to only sell 6,134 units compared to Nintendo's 3DS selling a whopping 70,300 units.

[Twitter via Kotaku]

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