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Hotline Miami dev in talks with Sony to get game on PS Vita


Posted by: David Sanchez

While it may take some doing, it seems that Hotline Miami, the ultraviolent stealth-action game from developer Dennaton Games, may see a Vita release in the future. According to creator Jonatan Soderstrom, who recently said he'd be willing to offer help to pirates, the studio is in talks with Sony to deliver a port to the handheld.

Sadly, it will be a while before that happens as Dennaton would need another developer to help port the game to the Vita. That said, it's still pretty cool that Hotline Miami, which is quite a unique title, is being considered for a platform aside from the PC.

In addition to the Vita, Soderstrom stated that he'd consider a mobile version if the controls worked. "Would be interesting to see if it was possible to get it to play well on a touchscreen device," said the developer. "Sounds like a challenge."

Hotline Miami is available now in a less portable, less touchscreenish form through various PC digital download platforms for $9.99.

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