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Borderlands Legends on iOS will be an isometric action-RPG


Posted by: David Sanchez

2K Games and Gearbox Software have announced that Borderlands Legends, which was revealed yesterday courtesy of a digital strategy guide, will be available on iOS devices on October 31. The game will extend the Borderlands universe to the mobile spectrum and will cost $4.99 on the iPhone and $6.99 on the iPad.

Borderlands Legends will feature action-RPG elements and strategy mechanics, all the while continuing to encourage players to "shoot and loot." Players will traverse levels as the cast of the original Borderlands in an isometric plane.

It should be interesting seeing how the game turns out. Judging from the screens (which you can see in our gallery), it at least looks pretty. Here's hoping it's fun, too.

[2K Games]

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