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Turns out that awesome SNES Wii U controller isn't an official Nintendo licensed product


Posted by: Mike Splechta

If you recall our earlier story, which highlighted the existence of a Wii U Pro controller that had a SNES gamepad merged with it, all that we knew about it is that it's so far only available in Australia. I also made the prediction that if this doesn't end up coming over to the US, that Nintendo might offer it as a Club Nintendo prize. Boy was I wrong.

After reaching out to a Nintendo representative about the Wii U SNES controller, I was told that Nintendo has released this statement about it:

“The controller is not being made by Nintendo, and it is not a licensed product.”

Could we be seeing it in the US? That's still a possibility, but it should be known that it is a third party controller, and not one officially made or endorsed by Nintendo. Do I still want it? Hell yeah I do.

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